From the “Saints of Bengal” by O.B.L. Kapoor

Chapter XXV entitled  Sri Tinkadi Gosvami”

Sri Tinkadi Gosvami (Sri Kisori-Kisorananda Baba) was born in 1906 in Manoharapur, a village in district Medinipur of West Bengal. His father was Sri Harimohana Gosvami and mother Srimati Suradhuni Devi. The family had a large number of ancestral disciples. The number of Harimohana Gosvami’s own disciples also was not small. The income from donations made by disciples was plentiful. Therefore Tinkadi Gosvami was brought up in luxury.

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(Created with Corel Painter 6, by Ramdas, (c)Copyright 2002, All rights reserved )

(Created with Corel Painter 6, by Ramdas, (c)Copyright 2001, All Rights Reserved)

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